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Hand-drawn 3x2 grid in yellow with charming chalkduster lines - a minimalistic artistic creation

is a visual artist

(who is also colorblind)

Animation & AR

A button with a bright yellow hue positioned on the website homepage. The button is elegantly shaped like a keyboard key and features the text "Learn More" in a noticeable font.
A yellow button on the website homepage, designed in the shape of a keyboard key. The button prominently displays the text "Shop Now" in bold font.

As Featured ON.

A thumbnail showcasing the distinctive logo of Stir World, an artistic and cultural platform. The logo is visually striking, representing the essence of creative expression.
A thumbnail featuring the iconic logo of BITS Pilani, a prestigious educational institution. The logo represents academic excellence and innovation.
A thumbnail featuring the recognizable logo of VH1 Supersonic, a renowned music and entertainment festival. The logo represents dynamic energy and a vibrant music scene.
A thumbnail showcasing the distinctive logo of Essajees Atelier, a creative interior design studio run by Sarah Sham. The logo is a visual representation of the artistic essence and craftsmanship of the atelier.
A thumbnail showcasing the distinctive logo of WazirX NFT, a platform for trading and exploring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The logo embodies the concept of digital ownership and creativity.
A thumbnail displaying the logo of The New Indian Express, a widely recognized and respected news publication. The logo signifies journalistic integrity and a trusted source of information.
A thumbnail showcasing the distinctive logo of Lemonade Social, a creative and engaging social media agency. The logo embodies the freshness and vibrancy of modern digital communication.
A thumbnail showcasing the distinctive logo of NRTYA Culture, a platform celebrating diverse cultural expressions. The logo embodies the spirit of artistic heritage and contemporary creativity.
A thumbnail featuring the logo of GoGo Magazine, a captivating source of entertainment and lifestyle content. The logo captures the essence of dynamic and engaging storytelling.
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