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Artist Aditya Chawla


Aditya (alias: Bolt Minor) is a 2D Artist and Illustrator, working with both physical and digital media. His Pop-Surrealistic works are displayed in galleries and NFT Marketplaces across the globe.

Aditya translates societal observations, travel experiences and unprocessed emotions on canvas in his signature style, 2Dealism. Bright and vibrant at first glance, the paintings oft-times depict a dystopian world in a utopian light.

The life of the work is in the balance of shape and line with colour, texture, and atmosphere - often demanding a nostalgic response from the viewer. The bold lines give the painting more strength and powerful expression. The artwork is usually symbolic, with subtle cryptic elements that veil the real story behind.

Aditya is an engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, practicing art while traveling across India. He is also one of the very few colourblind artists in the world.

Major Exhibitions

  • 2022, FMRL Art and NFT Exhibition - FMRL Gallery Bandra, Mumbai, India

  • 2022, The Art Curry - Studio Ekko, Gurugram, India

  • 2022, NRTYA Art Showcase - Auro, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi, India

  • 2021, Lemonade Pop Art Exhibition - Interstellar Art gallery, Delhi, India

  • 2021, Art in Motion NFT Exhibition - Penn Station, NYC, US

  • 2021, Cosmic Art - DLF Cyber Hub, Gurugram, India

  • 2020, Splash Art - Bandra Art Society, Mumbai, India

  • 2020, Artjuna Annual Art Expo - Artjuna Cafe, Goa, India 

Media Mentions

Untitled design.png

Aditya Chawla, a 25-year-old artist from Sonipat, started painting four years back. A former engineering graduate from BITS Pilani......

Untitled design (1).png

Artist Aditya Chawla talks about his artistic process and inspirations. Click to read more...

Untitled design (3).png

An interview with the Alma Mater editorial. Art Journey published in BITS Echo Vol 4 Issue 1. 

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

Thought-piece on NFT landscape, discussing its potential and limitations  



Bolt Studio is a pop-surrealistic art space, experimenting with physical and digital artworks. The studio space was established In 2022 in Aditya's hometown, Sonipat. The art store offers exclusive canvas prints, custom art rugs, fridge magnets and large acrylic paintings. 

The vibrant artworks are the imagination of artist Aditya Chawla, who challenges colorblindness to work in his signature color palette. Mixing Urban art, Pop art and Surrealism together, his art style is an eclectic combination of the three art forms that were started as revolutions against societal paradigms. 

Key Highlights:

  • Pop Art & Surrealism

  • Canvas Prints, Merch and Art Collectibles

  • Handmade Acrylic Paintings

  • 2D Illustration and Animation

  • Augmented Reality

  • NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

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