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Artwork: The artwork is a satire around 'rat-race', where all the flora and fauna in the jungle are trying to get to the top of the jungle. If you look closely, the artwork is inverted towards the top to indicate that the top doesn't really exist. It's all a game in the end.


Augmented Reality: Scan the artwork with Artivive app on your phone and see it move like magic!


Vibrant Art prints on high-quality artist-grade canvas. 


Shipping: The gorgeous canvas artwork will be rolled and shipped to you packaged safely in sturdy reinforced cylindrical tubes so that it reaches you without a single crease.

Framing: The canvas can be framed to be hung on walls, or pinned directly on pinboards (Framing is recommended). Frame is not included.

Dimensions: These canvas prints are ideal to be hung on walls. The smallest size is relatively larger than most posters available in art stores. These are not meant for desk art. 

Race To The Top | Canvas Art Print

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